Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Non-event horizon

Well, I keep on saying that we'll all be downloaded onto computers soon, so I spose I'd better reserve a space for myself while the going's good. I've come along a little late in the goldrush, but thats what you get for being a woman with nothing much on her mind, and too many hooped skirts dragging her down rather than high-tech nano- spacepants. (I spose being nano they'd be the tiny-est pants in the galaxy.)
My name is Face and I'm a hybrid of many things. In my younger days I spent months at a stretch swimming in the ocean, and developed scaley skin, gills and paddle-like hands. I climbed trees and grew a ringed tail for swinging. I trained my vision on far away objects at night and grew large saucer like eyes, and a moon face to match. In those days I could change my form at will to match my surroundings, but as I grew older I learned to hide the ever present physical manifestations of my hybridity under voluminous outfits. The constrictive corsets and hanging drapery of these prevented me from carrying out so many high falooting adventures, and slowly my form cemented itself. These days it has become much more difficult to metamorphosise, Although if the occaision warrants I can still adapt, although with much more effort.
Currently I am suffering from a malaise of all my various parts, a different kind of illness to match each of my hybridities. I am miserable, but know that soon all will again reach that boring plateau of medium-ness. I look forward to that day, non-plussed.


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