Friday, March 24, 2006

A Little Too Much Love

When I found my current lover, I noticed that he also, was a hybrid of many parts. Of course he didnt notice at first that I was of his caliber, due to my vluminous outfits, which hid all of my various attributes.
When he did notice, it was all guns blazing, parties til dawn, oh yes we had a grand old time.
My lover, being as he is in his current incarnation as a space monkey, is not big on subtleties. Having eaten one banana, he will go on to eat the whole bunch, and everyone else's bunches, and also by that stage anything that may taste in any way banana-ey. He then becomes an altogether different individual to the one he was before. He has a great weakness for beautiful women, especially when under the banana influence. He will bat his eyelashes at all types of different animals, including sometimes single-celled organisms. Then he will try to overcome them with jokes. The single celled organisms dont get it, but they still know in some way that he wields great power.


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