Monday, December 28, 2015

The 'Art of It - What is missing

He went crazy from studying Art.
How do you navigate? All those ideas, the ideas, the philosophies, the stamp and grind of the mill, the money that is always such a problem, the dressing devised by those too well read to be able to participate in the conversation of the crowd. Talk down to. Pompousity incarnate.
Then the fucking internet. COMPOUND the problem. The world wide web, so obviously a trap. So obvious as to be invisible. So invisible as to be obvious.
He started talking nonsense, disconnected syllables, in congruent verbiage spilling from his mouth like spoiled LED wiring. Like a porpoise fashioned from spaghetti squash he swam against the current of sense.
That was it. There was no happy ending, no 'coming to his senses'. It was his senses that were the problem in the first place. There was only madness. Madness, and the void. At last, a definite direction.


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