Sunday, December 06, 2015

The Mathematicians

"I'm disappointed in Maths." Said the mathematician, unsolicited.
"Why?" I quavered
"I thought it would provide some definite answers about things."
I stared stonily at my pie. She continued, despite my negative supponse.

"One plus three equals four. So simple. So complete. but I'm here to tell you I've been to the top of the hill. I've seen the event horizon and there is no end to it. There are no answers. It just keeps going.

Not only that, but it keeps going in all directions. In all possible directions and also in the three spacial dimensions and in time.

I nodded sagely.

"Plusly", she said, "In every way that is conceivable, and not conceivable."

"There are no answers, and even the origami unicorn is both infinite, and

doesn't exist."

That may be true. I said. Lets find out

And flipped a coin.

It always is tails.

Back to the beginning then, I guess. Or is it?


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