Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Escape from Terra Nullius

'Stay' said the beautiful boy from bendigo
'Stay' said the disenfranchised Eleven Sons
'Stay' said the wayward Juggo Jim Jams
'Stay' siad the charcoal beaks of the crows
'Stay' said the well heeled baby bandits on bicycles
'Stay' said the sound artists, the smell artists and the beguiling oculus rifts
'Do what you like' said the black fellas
So I hitched up my voluminous skirts and jumped leg-long back over the ditch.
'Stay' said the ancestors and writers and poets of the lush island paradise.
I escaped the fire planet before its peak time for burning, and already the hills around Lady Laid were on fire.
"Ha ha aha ha ha ha ha!" Said the crows
"That will teach you to claim land on Terra Nullius"


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