Sunday, January 09, 2011

Pol Pot & the High Horse

Last night I set out on a solo space mission through the rain speckled night. Along the way I met the orange milk man, who was abroad with the Cat lady of Mer Sea. She really is the loveliest of Cat ladies. She was surrounded by a flotilla of Sea Cats who stared at me with their googly-eyes. It seems every sea cat I see out now is all googly.

Also eventually in attendance was that old chestnut Eleven Sons. Actually he is still quite a young chestnut, he will always be young compared to me. Eleven Sons is currently addicted to travelling through alternate realities, which I must admit I am quite partial to myself. This meant his mind was not quite all there in his body, though it was enough that we could sniff to each other behind our hands at the things we saw in the night time. The things were many we noticed, as our high horse whinnied with delight.

We were there to see a musical act. The Cambodian Space Project they are called and were splendid.
1960's Cambodian rock n rollers had a uniquely amazing sound. After Cambodia was nonsensically bombed by the USA Cambodian musicians were systematically targeted and killed by the order of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. One third of the population of Cambodia was wiped out.

This is why Eleven Sons and I prefer the alternate reality.


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