Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Arch itecture, Arch aeology and Arch Nemeses

I became an archaeologist for a day.
I say a day but on the planet in question time is irrelevant. It was a long time but the blink of an eye. The fall of the Rottomanianesque Empire. A tardigrade's lifespan.
I found lost civilisations, lost them again.
I re-discovered the history of previous knowledge, but no-one learned anything. They just turned away saying it was all on the internet now so they were going to watch a video of a cat who is surprised to find that it has become the only sentient life form who is not obsessed with pankachoones. Me included, that sounds great I said, casting aside my shovel, let's watch that one. What's the other one here being recommended? I can't remember why I was her in the first place. Cbf


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