Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Cumulative Asperitas Syndrome

We are trapped in a giant weather event. The cloud blankets and envelops us, we float about in a hazy dream pulling things from the air. Jars of marmalade, a cat skull. I dropped everything and it floated off to who knows where, but I hope someone is enjoying it. Most likely not. All those things that have been lost in the mist, never to return, never to be looked on by human eyes or those of jellyfish. All of our electrical eyes send off little sparks in the gloom.

I used to be obsessed with consuming stories about being the last person on-world. Who would you do things for if there was no-one else to see? Would you still do things? We have the opposite problem. Everyone to see, so many multitudes it is nu-thinkable. Anyway music and art can help in both of those situations. If you can sing yourself a song to calm yourself, it might calm someone else. We could all become oriented like organised ions, and vibrating like strings in the void. One can dream.

"My dog's got no body, legs, tail or head"
"How is it a dog?"
"Right, to be honest. No. It's not a dog. It's actually a sort of cloud"


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