Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Agent 4338971047656543210.0097 reporting for duty"

I am a drone now. I am one of the masses. A worker bee. beep.

We wait in the freezing cold huddled together but miles apart in the frosty mornings, shivering in our separate pairs of boots in barely suppressed terror, the ubiquitous wires hanging from our brains out of our ears and into our skin pouches. A small robot man tells us what we hear.
I am plugged in to the main stream. The calming ocean sounds [piped into] my head prevent me from experiencing full blown panic attack as I climb, we all climb into one metal box on wheels and settle against one another, packed in like gooses. Ass to cheek but miles apart.
We stare vacantly and rock back & forth gently like the tide.


Sunday, May 11, 2008

It Burns.

We arrived in the strange new land, 10 million leagues away as the seabird flies (as you know it flies very sillyley, silleeeeyleey often wheeling about in one place for a good few hours, going back the way it came for a few million leagues, sitting down on the ocean for a while for a meal of anchovies).
But we got here.
It was amazing to see how the trees were somewhat the same, the grass, hmm, exactly the same, cars and footpaths, people with eyes, shops, Ronald McDonald sitting nonchalantly, polystyrenely on park benches, come here lucky little kiddies.
Almost immediately we were locals, sitting on trams and trains with vacant expressions, glancing through the gossip rags at the 'love wanted' ads:
"To the girl in the orange stripey hat with the massive melons on the Chewberry line, your bazoongas are enormous, I'm in love, from the spotty git who was staring at them, 5-6pm, Saturday"
"To the exotic, golden haired, dark skinned girl on the Cockburn Street train, your eyes are pools of chocolate, is it the same with your lower eye? Charles, Lilydick."
People from our country are the nasty bastards here. Sarcastic, snide, closed off. The kind of people who make fun of heartfelt love pleas from people on trains.
But now the military are making robots that fly around in flies bodies and mate with eachother to make more flybots, and they will kill all the dissenters so its gonna all be okay.
Make love on trains. The flies wont watch you. Its a new future of joy.