Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bird gel

There is a cat who lives here called Bird gel.
I think it is a wishful thinking sort of name like as though he is a big bird slaying type of cat . No. He is much more likely to see the birds and say "Hey mate, got any jellymeat?"
Tonight he saw me when I got home and was so excited because he had no food and his mistress wasn't home to feed him that he hi-fived me. He is full of contradictions. I like him.

Friday, July 24, 2009

the cyborg shuffle

It hasn't been long that I have owned for myself a personal body-bourne music device for the bored generation.
I like it. One of the great pleasures of my day has become the time when I get to perambulate down hill and dale on my lonesome, listening to whichever musical concoction befits my mood of the moment.

I have noticed an odd thing though. When under the influence of my musicular device I find it very difficult to keep a straight face. I see all the Thomasinas, Dicks and Henriettas with their white wires hanging from their various ear-holes, and they are stony faced, serious, inscrutable. I get my head plugged in and I can't contain my enthusiasm, I start to laugh or cry, my body parts flail about, a good drumbeat incites a riot in my joints, I can't stop it. I dance off down the avenues with a joy in my heart that I cannot contain. Sometimes I yell out words like a delirious tourette's suffragette. How are they so collected?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ice get around

The ice planet should be invigorating but the days go in and out, in out, in out, in out here just the same as everywhere else.

I have to take a break from lying down, so I roll sometimes down the highway, but end up just winding myself up again, tightly and on an ice planet once you're rolling it's difficult to stop. I see the silver clouds flash past once a second, they are beautiful but remote. How can I become part of that wafty etherealness, being seen and admired by everyone, but caring not? I care not.
This is what one should want, but currently I am twelve eigths. I have twelve eggs between my twenty-four thighs, but every day a new sun thrusts in and spreads yolk all over my quivering moon.

My current assignment is or should be all about relaxing, something which I have a doctorate in, but I've seldom seen any such stressed out pull their hair out teeth fall out individuals as those in charge of the cushions. Admittedly ice cushions may be more of an exciter than a soporific.

I send giant bananas falling through space in search of a warm planet.