Monday, August 29, 2016

I phase out again, phase out again, phase out again
Give me that look that look that look
The one with the tears in your eyes and your pupils dilated to catch all the love they can before it is gone, and now it is gone and what will your pupils look at now, how will they react to the empty world your world without me, you in your house with only your things and all my things gone. Look at the TV, constrict. Look at the empty bed, constrict. Look at the quiet drum kit, constrict. Look at the still guitar, the dormant microphone, the minor keys, constrict.
Who will touch the downy hair on your gentle skull? It never hurt anyone. You only tried to be loved before it was too late and who could blame you for that?

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Arch itecture, Arch aeology and Arch Nemeses

I became an archaeologist for a day.
I say a day but on the planet in question time is irrelevant. It was a long time but the blink of an eye. The fall of the Rottomanianesque Empire. A tardigrade's lifespan.
I found lost civilisations, lost them again.
I re-discovered the history of previous knowledge, but no-one learned anything. They just turned away saying it was all on the internet now so they were going to watch a video of a cat who is surprised to find that it has become the only sentient life form who is not obsessed with pankachoones. Me included, that sounds great I said, casting aside my shovel, let's watch that one. What's the other one here being recommended? I can't remember why I was her in the first place. Cbf